About Us

Highlands Prime Steakhouse Restaurant can be easily identified because of its modern western design concept.

The Highlands Prime Steakhouse is a friendly, casual and relaxing place embodying the spirit of the western country with bold flavorful food, excellent service and attentive staff. Since then, it has successfully brought the great dining tradition.

The change of ownership gave rise to renovations and improvements, beginning with a modern western image made concrete by a brand-new identity.

This identity manifests itself in almost all the physical aspects of the store - the logo, facade, layout, decor, counter, furniture, equipment and even the staff uniforms.

When it comes to food, Highlands Prime Steakhouse Restaurant will not pale in comparison to other fine dining and premium restaurants in the City. Aside from being a Western restaurant, it is also known to have several dishes in its menu.

The Highlands Prime Steakhouse is also very popular for events venue like small wedding receptions, social events, company board meetings and annual parties. Thus, the price tag can get astronomical. However, the gastronomical experience will be surely worthwhile.

Through all the changes, Highlands Prime Steakhouse will remain committed to its purpose of serving only the premium steaks and to be the country's leading provider of hospitality service.